Photographer Gérard Brun exhibits at InkGallery

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photo de gérard brun chez InkGallery

The artist:

Gérard Brun has always been interested in studio work throughportraiture and expression based on body language andmovement. He has been working on light management for morethan 7 years. The way the model’s environment is illuminatedmakes it possible to bring the visitor’s eye into a confidential orvery open universe depending on the choice, such as chiaroscuroor fashion photography. The light becomes like a kind of brushthat underlines certain contours of the body and brings theobserver to the essential point of the image that thephotographer has chosen to express his perception of the modeland the staging.

Light is a demanding way of shaping the offered image, a bit likethe sculptor delivers an emotion by the way he works with thematerial and restores a model. In the artistic process, beyond thetechnique, the important key is the complicity between the modeland the photographer. Together they build photographic emotion. Another form of artistic expression is combined with this studioresearch. It is the show photo with always this graphic researchboth in the body attitude and in the apprehension of light thatsculpts the actor or dancer.

Gérard Brun photo exposée chez InkGallery

Exhibition from December 1st, 2017 to January 25th, 2018 “SPIRIT AND MATERIAL”;

A story without words transmits through the bodily attitude anemotion, which everyone receives according to their ownsensitivity. The diverted function of matter creates a universewhere shadow and light, play at shaping the moment, sometimesguide your gaze, give free rein to your imagination. “There is no light without shadow,”; Aragon said.

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